Dan Guerra, Psy.D., draws upon his experience and skills as both an executive coach and psychotherapist in order to to help hundreds of people around the world better themselves in both their professional and personal lives. Through everything from one hour lectures to multiple week workshops, Dan Guerra has been a pioneer in the teaching and demonstrating of many complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches to reducing anxiety and depression. He has also leveraged CAM approaches to address important issues related to leadership development (i.e. work-life balance, stress management, emotional intelligence, reflection) and challenges that corporate organizations are often faced with (i.e. change management, influencing skills, critical thinking, motivation).

Dr. Guerra’s work is based in New York City, although his speaking engagements have taken place across the globe, including five continents and ten countries in a variety and breadth of institutions and settings.  He is grateful to have been able to speak in the following settings:

  • New York University Medical Center (NYUMC): Departments of Social Work, Psychology, Epilepsy, and NYUMC’s Integrative Health Program
  • Beth Israel Medical Center: Departments of Psychiatry and Pain/Palliative Care
  • New York State Community Action Association of Albany, NY
  • The New York offices of Lawline.com
  • Bloomberg Media Corporation
  • Yoga, meditation and healing arts centers across the Northeast, USA
  • Natural, outdoor settings like the beaches of Long Island, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia, and in the mountains of New Zealand, and Fiji.

Dr. Guerra has a strong appreciation for his work with such a diversity of cultures, individuals and groups and values the positive impact that this work can have on people’s consciousness and day to day life.