Executive Coaching

Leadership development begins with a clear understanding of purpose and a strong connection to the culture of one’s working environment. As an international executive coach, Dan Guerra, Psy.D., is committed to helping individual leaders, teams and organizations to better understand themselves with regard to their purpose, behaviors, and working culture so they achieve desired end results with greater efficacy. The methodology that he uses for one-on-one coaching is a process that leverages the talent and strengths of the coaching participant while identifying blind spots to growth and development as a leader. This process of directed exploration results in measurable, behavioral change that is aligned with the development objectives of the participant.

For teams and organizations, a time-tested, experience-based learning approach is used which transcends short-lived workshop experiences, enabling participants to gain powerful and lasting benefits that transfer well to the workplace environment. Several areas are addressed by this experience based learning approach and include:

  • Achieving Results
  • Influencing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Reflection (as a leadership skill)
  • Change Management
  • Work-Life Balance (including stress management)
  • Developing Others
  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Planning

Dr. Guerra looks forward to helping others succeed through conscious, purposeful, and directed learning.

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